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Tried some at the farmers market and ordered the sampler. So easy to prepare and delicious. My boys are home from college and are devouring them. We are already to reorder!
Susan A.
Thank you for making such a delicious burger. My daughter who has celiac disease loves being able to have a burger. Thank you !!
Tracy F.
We absolutely love Gianni’s chicken burgers and they have totally replaced burgers on the grill in our summer rotation. They are truly the best chicken burger you will ever eat!!!
Joanne P.
Amazing taste and so easy to cook! Great on Weight Watcher program as well! The customer service and the product are the best around!!!
Lorraine G.
I tried your hamburgers at a friends barbecue, as I was there I went right online and ordered a four pack. Much to my surprise we went to the farmers market the following day and there they were and I got four more packages LOL love them
Donnamarie S.
Just tried these a few minutes ago, and I had to come by to write a review to express how good these chicken burgers taste! They taste similar to your typical beef burger but BETTER. The taste and texture were beyond my expectations. I try not to eat red meat now, and this is perfect for when I want a burger. I made it in a lettuce wrap with onions and pickles and dipped it in a tad bit of 1000 island guilt-free meal ever. Looking forward to trying out the other flavors I purchased.
Toya E.
My husband and I happened to taste a Gianni's chicken burger at a farmers market while on vacation. They were so good, we ordered them online when we returned home and have been customers ever since. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and changed my diet severely limiting red meat and eliminating processed foods as much as possible which was extremely difficult. Gianni's burgers came to the rescue for me. Their chicken burgers are so healthy - truly all natural and organic and so good. There are no preservatives or additives and the chickens used are raised without antibiotics or hormones in their feed. So I contacted Gianni's to see if I could order in bulk (as my family loved the burgers too) and they were extremely accommodating and a pleasure in assisting me with my request. We continue to re-order so we are never out of stock. The chicken spinach, chicken vegetable and buffalo chicken are all our family's favorites and we all eat them regularly, not because of my cancer, but because these burgers are that good. The burgers come individually wrapped and frozen. Just take them out of the freezer and cook them (no defrosting) in a pan and in 10 minutes they are ready to eat. Thank you Gianni, your chicken burgers are the best!
Lori C.
The chicken with spinach is my go to lunch. I cook it frozen and it is done in about 8 minutes. I usually put Jarlsberg light on it with pickles and catsup! I love how it gets a little crispy on the outside while staying moist on the inside. I toast 2 slices of whole wheat bread and cut them into circles with a biscuit cutting ring. No doughy burger roll for these gems! Had the burgers shipped to me and they arrived perfectly packed and frozen!
Laura G.